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The Care Center is not currently in network with any insurance providers. This is done intentionally so that you and your therapist can decide about your prognosis and treatment, your health information remains confidential, and no other parties dictate the length or style of treatment. Your insurance company may provide out of network reimbursement for some or all of the cost of your appointment. Before scheduling it might be beneficial to find out if you have out of network coverage and how you can file for reimbursement. Please contact us with questions and we will be happy to help you understand what type of out of network benefits might be available to you.


Intake (90 minutes) $135
Regular Session (50-55 minutes) $90
Couples Session (50-55 minutes) $105

The Care Center accepts all major credit cards, cash, and checks. While we do not have a sliding fee scale, we do have a very limited number of hardship cases available. Please call us for more details on how we can make counseling affordable for you.


1. How many sessions will it take?
You might be expecting this answer but if not it depends. It actually depends on a number of factors including how often you can be seen (I encourage clients to come weekly in the beginning), how long the problem has been going on, and are there any secondary issues (past trauma, substance abuse, etc.)

2. Why don’t you take insurance?
Earlier on in my career I was in network for most insurance companies and felt they made therapy more difficult for the client. I have had to call insurance companies and tell them things that were subjective (“Well, how motivated do you think the client is?”), things that were none of their business (“How long did the affair last?”) and listen to suggestions from operators about therapeutic interventions (“Have you tried using empty chair technique?”). Additionally, the insurance company is allowed to review your medical file and read the personal case notes from all of our sessions at any time. Lastly, insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis before they will pay for treatment. Not only is this unreasonable it also becomes a part of your permanent health care record. Because of all these reasons I have opted not to be in network for any insurance providers but The Care Center will help you understand what types of out of network benefits might be available to you.

3. Can we schedule a phone or Skype session?
On rare occasions a phone consultation could be arranged. We do not offer sessions via Skype due to privacy concerns.

4. What are your hours?
The Care Center has daytime hours and a limited number of early evening or Saturday morning appointments available.

5. How soon can I get an appointment?
We understand that asking for help can be difficult and often times people will wait until the problem is very serious. Because of this you will be offered an initial appointment within one week of calling.

6. Is this a Christian Counseling agency?
The Care Center is a faith embracing counseling agency. While some of the clinicians are Christians and Christian Counseling is available, all faiths are welcome at The Care Center and encouraged to be a part of your therapy if you desire.

7. Do I have to be a Christian to be seen at The Care Center?
No. Again, while Christian Counseling is available, everyone is welcome at The Care Center and faith or spiritual issues are deal with exclusively at the client’s request. Some clients do not want to discuss their faith or have it incorporated into therapy and this is absolutely fine. We desire to respect everyone’s personal comfort level with these issues and will never pursue it against a client’s wishes.

8. Do you treat anything besides trauma or relationship issues?
Yes. I have extensive history treating depression, anxiety, anger issues, adjustment issues, life change issues, parenting/family issues, and low self esteem.

9. Do you see couples individually, together, or both?
It is my opinion that the couple is best served when everyone is involved. On occasion I might request to meet with one or both parties individually but this is rare and would be discussed with both parties in advance to ensure it made sense and that both members felt comfortable with it.


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Reach, Connect, Grow. Call The Care Center today at 614-454-6765 to schedule an appointment. Ask about our military personnel discounts while scheduling your appointment.

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