For the health and convenience of our clients we are now offering both in person and telehealth options for counseling.

About The Care Center

healing marriage and family relationships through counseling

A Practical, Reasonable, Approach to Healing

The Care Center is the vision of Pete Lobert, PCC, a certified therapist in Columbus, Ohio, 10 years in the making. During these past ten years I have seen and done many different things. I’ve provided counseling and interventions in the homes of troubled teens and their families. I’ve been a group therapy facilitator for the State of Ohio. I’ve sat on committees, led corporate trainings and taught classes at the university level. I’ve worked in a large community mental health agency, a medium sized group practice and a smaller private practice and provided effective counseling services to individuals and couples. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t work and taken all that knowledge to deliver a new kind of counseling experience tailored to fit your needs utilizing the philosophy of Reach, Connect, Grow.

What Works:

  • Having a certified therapist or counselor with specialized training in the areas of your life you’re wanting to address
  • Being able to contact the counselor outside of the office if you’re feeling stuck or have questions
  • Having the opportunity to ask the counselor questions about their life, past experience, or life philosophy to help develop rapport and make you feel comfortable that this is a good fit for you
  • Being able to identify the root of any issue and having practical, tangible, specific tools to cope and start working on change

What Doesn’t Work:

  • Seeing a counselor who tries to treat all conditions, regardless of training or experience
  • Expecting clients to have problems that always fit into one 50 minute session each week
  • Seeing a counselor who refuses to share anything about themselves or allow you to ask anything about their background
  • Seeing a therapist who just listens and never challenges, gives feedback, or offers suggestions for change


Reach out for counseling therapy relationship healing

The hardest part is asking for help. This is often an intimidating or humbling experience which is why we will offer you an appointment the same week you call. I’ll give you the opportunity to share what your concerns are and ask any questions you need to prepare for our first meeting.



It’s very important to me that all of my clients feel comfortable that I am a real person just like they are, and that I can relate to their problems. That’s why during the initial session, you’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have about me personally, my family, my experience or the practice.



After we connect, it’s time for us to figure out where you’d like to go with counseling, and my job is to develop a strategy to get you there. I like to joke with my clients that I’m the “hired help.” You’re hiring me for my specific knowledge and skills, but you get to decide the goals, and together we’ll make a plan that is clear and reasonable to meet them.