Individual Counseling in Columbus, Ohio

Individual Counseling

Individual Therapy

Whether you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, or just transitioning through life stages, individual counseling can help. I’ve had many clients come to me after trying counseling in the past and saying something like “all the counselor did is ask me how I feel.” It’s important to talk about and understand how you feel. If that’s all you do, however, then most people will not experience the change they are looking for. At The Care Center during the individual therapy, you can expect someone to listen and work to understand everything you are trying to share.

You can also expect someone to give you the input, feedback, and insights you need to improve your situation. Other clients have said, “Well, the counselor told me I needed to stop worrying, obsessing, or doing things that kept me feeling bad.” At The Care Center my perspective is that if my clients knew how to do those things they already would! You should expect that we will look at those issues, make sure they are the right goals for you and then identify and deal with any roadblocks keeping you from achieving them.

Finally, all clients should expect to come to The Care Center for individual therapy and be treated with respect, never judged, and have a professional therapist willing to give them specific tools or interventions to help them achieve the changes they are looking for in their lives. Contact us now!