EMDR Therapy in Columbus, Ohio

EMDR Trauma Therapy Center

EMDR is a type of therapy that has been around since 1990 and developed by Francine Shapiro. Although it was developed here in the States it is now practiced around the globe and in many cases is the #1 choice therapy for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The letters stand for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. However, in plain old everyday English basically what it means is that it’s a type of therapy that helps people work through whatever traumas they might have been through in life.

I am a certified Level II EMDR Trained Clinician (this is the highest level offered) and have worked with 100+ people helping them get “past their past” when traditional therapies weren’t effective. It is not necessary to have a diagnosis of PTSD to benefit from this type of therapy. I have used EMDR therapy to treat a variety of issues including all types of abuse, low self esteem, childhood bullying, depression, and helping people finish the grieving process so they can heal and start to move forward in their lives.

When clients are considering EMDR I usually ask them to Google it, read about it from a variety of sources, and come back with questions. At the bottom of the list are a few links (definitely not an exhaustive list) of places you can read about EMDR from. If you are looking for an experienced EMDR therapist in Columbus, contact us now!