Trauma Recovery in Columbus, Ohio

Why choose counseling?

One of the things I’ve learned both personally and professionally is that no one gets through life completely unscathed. All of us, at one time or another, will experience some type of trauma. Some people experience the trauma, are able to work through it, and move forward. Others, however, sometimes get stuck in this process. How do we know we’re stuck? These are a few of the ways:

Breaking Free
  • We find ourselves short and irritable without reason
  • We no longer experience joy or satisfaction in things we used to
  • Our behavior or personality changes
  • We find it hard to open up or trust others and prefer to keep people at arm’s length
  • Our mind continues to replay the event long after it has passed
  • We get stuck reliving the past and can’t seem to move forward
  • We can’t seem to get past the hurt, anger, or bitterness

How can trauma counseling help?

Whether it’s a “Big T” trauma (being assaulted, going to war, being abused, an unexpected death, etc.) or a “little t” trauma (job loss, an expected death, distant parents, tumultuous childhood, etc.), at The Care Center we understand how big it feels to you and how hard it may be to ask for help. When it comes to seeking treatment for trauma it is important to understand that we don’t rip off “emotional scabs” just because we can. My belief is that clients have already experienced enough turmoil in life without needlessly adding to it. The only time we look at past wounds is if there is reason to believe it’s impacting your life today. If your life could be improved by healing some wounds from the past then we begin and go at your pace. We’ll take the time we need to make sure counseling is a safe place for you and that you feel comfortable gently beginning to look at these issues.   In addition to traditional talk therapy I am a level 2 trained EMDR clinician.